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Aran Example

IMG00021-20090827-1906[1]Most Arans traditionally follow a particular pattern. There is a central panel, bordered on either side by a cable,Jacob’s Ladder, or Braid with texturing stitches , like a Garter or Basket to the edges where the jumper is connected front to back.  On each sleeve, the Cable, Ladder, or Braid is repeated as is the texturing stitch.  As with most art, there is a wide breadth of deviation off the basic pattern.  Here I have a sweater that follows the traditional except there is a horizontal pattern bisecting the front in such a way that the top central pattern (a textured diamond)  is separated from the bottom central pattern (the Celtic Knot/Spirals).  Notice the cable and texturing on the sleeve is the same as the patterns bordering the central panel.  I like this example because its maker knit the Tree of Life throughout the ribbing on the neck, sleeve, and bottom of the jumper. 


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