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Tree Of Life

Pam Stroud, Union City, California

Pam Stroud, Union City, California

My friend, Pam Stroud from Union City, California, has been very helpful in testing several ideas about this blog.  Here is her first try at a Tree of Life image.  She is both a knitter and a photographer and was not too pleased with this photo.  But, I like it.

From the book:

The Tree of Life. 1. This stitch looks like a sparse evergreen branch, with single pine needles emanating out and up. Patterns such as this have been found in even the most ancient of cave paintings throughout Europe. Historically, such paintings have been interpreted to mean arrows or lances for hunting, as the pattern usually appears in the midst of animals. In opposition, some archaeologists have revised their view, concluding instead that ancient humans drew life from both animals and plants. Therefore, each deserved depiction in a sacred space. Such an interpretation is consistent with the ancient memory of the people of the island through their oral history;, hence the name of this stitch—the Tree of Life. 2. Traditionally, signifies long-lived parents, strong children, and the continuation of the tribe down through the generations. 3. The tenacity to hang on to life, with its joys, sorrows, celebrations, and trials, because every waking day brings the rapture of walking through Time and Creation.


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